Merfolk Inspo

Another Friday means another Friday Night Fashion. For a total of four weeks, starting with the official release of Rivals of Ixalan, every Friday I’m putting together a casual cosplay for each tribe in the set. This Friday night we’re looking at a Merfolk themed outfit.

Ixalan is a tough world, and you need to be tough to survive it. The merfolk on Ixalan are no exception. You think it’s easy sharing a continent with giant, rampaging dinosaurs? Of course not! This means that merfolk are a real force to be reckoned with when confronted. But unlike the dinos from last week, they need to be a little stealthy once in a while.

Merfolk on Ixalan are two main colors: blue and green. Because of their blue nature, they can be a little sneaky. Their green nature brings them closer to nature, and helps them blend in with their surroundings. And unlike merfolk from other pieces of pop culture, these merfolk prefer the rivers to the sea.

Their preference of rivers influenced the colors I chose; for sea based merfolk, I imagine overwhelming hues of blue with small pops of white accessories. But because Ixalan is largely defined by rivers, I instead focused on more greens to complement the blues, and put in some pink for added flare.

The main outfit I chose focuses on natural elements. Again, merfolk are a little stealthy, so we don’t need to stand out right away. I also imagine an Ixalan merfolk outfit focusing more on bohemian qualities. In the end, the outfit I picked features high waisted denim ($10), a greenish yellow crop top ($47), light pink mules ($23), and a dark blue kimono jacket ($20). The crop top is linen and the kimono is vintage and made from wool; merfolk are part of nature, which led me to emphasize these natural materials in the clothing choices. The total cost for this outfit is exactly $100.

One of the keywords on Ixalan cards is explore. In that vein, why don’t we explore a little, and increase our options by +1/+1?

There are merfolk decks that are more aggressive, and they use some merfolk to help pump up other merfolks. If you are looking to stand out and be a little more daring in your clothing choices, I suggest this v-neck dress ($50) paired with hot pink stiletto booties ($38), for a total cost of $88. The dress is a wrapover, and pleated, so it has flares like river waves, and the booties let everyone know that you mean serious business.

Looking for a few more options? Keep pumping! Maybe you still want to rock the jeans from earlier, but you like the look of a flowy wrapover top ($40). Or maybe you do want something low key, but in a darker color ($10). Perhaps you want something just as fancy and flowy, but in a dark blue ($30). And maybe you like the hot pink of the stilettos, but prefer the comfort of a loafer ($50).

There are plenty of ways to mix and match the options given above, depending on how much you want to spend, or what your version of an Ixalan merfolk looks like.

Finally, you’re probably also looking to dress up any of these outfits with a few accessories. First off, I think a green scarf is a must. For earrings, you might choose a pair that are inspired by a more classic mermaid look. If you’re looking for something a little more low key, I would suggest this silver pair that remind me of fish scales. For make up, a coral lip and a lavender purple eyeshadow with lots of glitter, (paired with mascara and an emphatic cat’s eye).

Did you enjoy playing merfolk in Ixalan? Excited to put together a new merfolk deck tonight with Rivals of Ixalan? Let me know in the comments below which card you’re most excited to draft!

Good luck tonight!

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