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It’s the end of a long week, and all you want to do is relax, so here are a few recommendations to help you de-stress.

Quick side note, this kind of list, and “beauty products” in general, are typically coded female, but in my opinion, anyone should be able to relax and enjoy these products. I hope you keep that in mind.

I also think that when people hear the words “beauty products”, they think Lush (great job on the branding, Lush!). And I enjoy Lush a lot – overall, I think they’re a great company. All this means I could easily fill the recommendations below with nothing but Lush products.bath time

Instead, I’m going to try and feature some independent sellers from Etsy. I find myself going to Etsy most often for their beauty products and for their jewelry selection. I like the variety I can find on Etsy, and I like knowing that the majority of my purchases there go towards real people, and not a giant corporation. Having said that, I understand that sometimes shopping around for beauty products can be a little scary. If it’s not coming from a giant corporation, can you really trust who’s making it? But that’s part of why I like Etsy – it encourages these designers to be more open with what’s actually going into their products. If one person has a bad reaction, there’s a lot more on the line than there is with Lush. And with each of the products below, you can also determine the ingredients – and email the seller if you have any questions or concerns.

Soaps and Scrubs

Lavender scented soap designed to look like amethysts. This is the soap you pull out when you want to pretend you’re so wealthy you can afford fist sized gems to decorate your bathroom with.

From the same shop, a galaxy soap bar. This one is designed to smell more woodsy, with hints of vanilla. This is the soap you pull out when you want to pretend you can hold the entire galaxy in the palm of your hand.

Coconut scented sugar scrub. I always find sugar scrubs to be a more fun way to moisturize and exfoliate than using a pumice stone and lotion. Since this one is designed to smell beachy, you can just close your eyes and imagine you’re exfoliating with some high quality sand instead.

Bubble Bar and Bath Bombs

Again: Lush. I think they’re pretty widely known for their variety of bath bombs, but I’ve always had a soft spot for their bubble bars. Crumble under warm water while filling the tub, and you’ll immediately feel like you’re in a movie. This one is scented to smell like oranges (just in case you want to pretend you’re soaking up the sun in an orchard somewhere – Lush recommends Italy for your fantasies).

Okay, but if you definitely want to pretend like you’re at the beach, and not in orchard, check out these mermaid based bath bombs. They’re scented with sea salt, lemon and gardenias. Bath bombs are designed to spin around your tub, fizzing away beautiful scents and colors.

Of course, if you’re really centered on something space-based, and you missed the lavender and vanilla scents from earlier, check out this galaxy bath bomb. It also has scents of lilac, just in case you need a little extra relaxation.


Finally, what relaxing bath time experience would be complete without the ambiance of a few candles? This one is designed to smell like old books (one of my favorite scents), for when you want to pretend your tub is also located in the library.

And if you feel like adding a little wine to your relaxing evening, this Dionysus candle might be the perfect one for you. It’s designed to smell like figs and spices, which makes it apropos for the winter months.


Hope that something on my lists this week has made you feel a little more relaxed, or a little more energetic, or gotten your spirits up in some fashion (even if its just experimenting with spirits like bourbon).

If you had a favorite this week, or if you felt like there was anything I left out, leave a comment down below! Otherwise, enjoy the weekend.

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